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How should I study for my LANTITE if it’s my third or fourth attempt?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions I get asked as a LANTITE tutor. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution I can give, I do have some suggestions for ensuring your study preparation is as effective as possible…

1. Study for at least three months before your proposed exam date. Give yourself plenty of time to engage with, process and digest information. The more time you can devote to mastering a subject, the more likely you are to perform optimally. For example, if I decided to sit an exam in November, I would start studying (as a minimum) by August. You also take the pressure off of yourself, as you are in no rush to do any last-minute cramming for your exam. Study “low and slow”, as I recommend to my clients. Study that is done thoughtfully over a long period of time is far more effective, and allows you to retain information. This should come as no shock to most of you. However, the amount of time each person needs to study varies quite a bit. You must consider factors such as the quality of study, whether this is a daily practice or just happens when you can be bothered (read my blog post about discipline), the TYPE of study you do and more. That’s why it’s important to commit to a clear study plan that outlines your goals and strategies, and this is something our tutors can help with. We can also give more tailored recommendations once you’ve attended a consultation and completed our Initial Test.

2. Get tutoring. Big shock that I would recommend this, right? But seriously - working with an objective party experienced with both teaching and the LANTITE exams is crucial. Our tutors provide accurate recommendations based on results, track progress through rigorous note-taking techniques, offer clear strategies that build on and enhance your natural learning style, and provide top-tier materials almost IDENTICAL to the LANTITE itself. Not to mention that having someone supporting you, backing you up and offering confidence boosts at every stage is just as important as intellectual study.

3. Intentionally work with a textbook or compilation of activities to test your knowledge. Every source has a different method of judging results (and not all materials are reliable) so it’s important that you source a workbook that will not only provide LANTITE-similar problems, but will accurately test you, and mark your results the same way every time. This is crucial. We recommend our LANTITE Package. You can also gain free access to our package when you sign up to our money-saving Platinum and Diamond Pricing Plans.

To learn more about how we can help, book a private consultation with a tutor and get started.

See you soon!

- Elysha 💙

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