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Terms and Conditions of Use

Last updated 19 April 2022

When you use our website, you agree to the use of cookies, our privacy policy and our terms and conditions. When you book a service or purchase a product from us, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this section.

Booking a Service:

When you book a service with us, you acknowledge and agree to our policies. 

Refund Policy:

We do not offer refunds on digital products purchased and downloaded from our shop, due to the nature of these products. Once a product has been purchased and/or downloaded, you forfeit your right to obtaining a refund. We do offer refunds on some services, provided that you meet the relevant criteria. You may obtain a refund for any session that you decide to cancel and do not want to reschedule. To be eligible for a refund, the session must be cancelled with at least twenty-four hours' notice in advance of the session start time; as per our cancellation policy. If you fail to meet this criteria, you may only receive a partial refund at the discretion of the director. Likewise, if you have booked one of our services and are unresponsive to all communication from us on the lead-up to your session, we will consider this a cancellation and no refund will be initiated. Every effort will be made to contact you before this happens. If we have not received any reasonable communication from you at twenty-four hours before your booked appointment, it will be cancelled and you forfeit the right to any refund. You will be notified of the cancellation at such a time and beyond this point are not eligible to receive a refund; even if you choose to contact us after this point in time. 

Cancellation Policy:

All sessions, consults, courses or otherwise must be cancelled with a minimum of twenty-four hours' notice. Failure to cancel within this time period will result in an outstanding fee of which you are obligated to pay. We will deduct this fee from your original booking price, and therefore you will only receive a partial refund at the discretion of the director. The refunded amount payable to you depends on the circumstances surrounding the late cancellation. The later the cancellation, the smaller the refund will be. Any and all bookable services are not at all refundable once your session has commenced or ended. Likewise, if you choose not to attend the booked meeting, you will still be charged for that time and will not be refunded. If you have booked a private consultation and fail to attend the meeting without informing your tutor, we have the right to ban you from booking and attending all future services. Furthermore, we will wait a maximum of five minutes for you to arrive once your scheduled meeting has commenced. Our tight schedules prevent us from waiting for you any longer. In such a case, you may be entitled to a partial refund, at the discretion of the director. Alternatively, you can reschedule your appointment for another time, provided that you do so within the five minutes' waiting time. You will not be permitted to reschedule after this grace period. We ask that you alert us as soon as possible if you will be late to your appointment. In such an instance, your appointment time will not change or extend to cater to your lack of punctuality, and nor are you entitled to receive a refund for this missed time. We take our clients' time very seriously, and ask that you provide us with the same level of respect.

Pricing Plans Policy:

We ask that upon booking your pricing plan that you carefully read our terms and conditions. If you have a change of mind or wish to cancel once your plan has been purchased and sessions booked, you will need to cancel your plan with at least three days' notice prior to the commencement of your first session. If you fail to meet this criteria, you may only be eligible for a partial refund. The notice you provide will directly correlate to the amount payable to you. If you wish to cancel your plan after the start date has commenced, you will receive a limited refund at the discretion of the director. The refunded amount will not be representative of the number of remaining sessions in the plan, nor the value of the individual sessions. It is the responsibility of the customer, client or consumer to ensure that they have booked the correct dates and times, arrive to sessions at these designated times, and follow the requirements of our cancellation policies.


When booking a Diamond Plan, it is essential that the client recognises that the tutor's workable hours can only be extended so far. Please note that the client must have a reasonable availability and that in booking this plan they are not entitled to make a booking for any time or date. They may request a booking outside of hours within reason and at a time suitable to the tutor. Bookings should be made in advance to avoid missing out on sessions. If the client fails to book in their total amount of sessions before sitting their LANTITE exam and the tutor does not have the availability to meet with them in this time due to the client's late booking notice, clients will not be entitled to a refund under any circumstances. It is entirely the responsibility of the client, customer or consumer to book sessions well in advance and at a reasonable hour suitable to the tutor. The tutor takes no responsibility for the client's limited availability and the client agrees to these terms and conditions upon booking. By purchasing any plan, clients agree that they have a degree of flexibility to their schedules and can commit to tutoring. If clients book their plan and their schedules change in a way that decreases their availability, and as a result the tutor is no longer able to meet with them, they forfeit their right to a refund. If the client chooses to prolong the booking process (e.g. only booking sessions for the month prior to sitting their test) and cannot find any available time slots to meet with their tutor as a result, the tutor accepts no liability. Failure to acknowledge or adhere to the above is to the detriment of the client, customer or consumer and they forfeit any payments made (no refunds will be provided). 


Please note that you will only be able to cancel/reschedule a certain number of sessions within your plan when you provide less than 24 hours' notice for this cancellation. This number changes relative to your selected plan. If you exceed this number, you may be obligated to pay a compensation fee. If you have any questions about a situation particular to you, please contact us to discuss. 

Five-Week Course:

We ask that you read our terms and conditions before booking the course and encourage you to get in touch should you have any questions that are not listed on our FAQs page. It is entirely the responsibility of the client, customer or consumer to remain updated on the course schedule and attend sessions accordingly. No refunds or makeup sessions will be given for any missed sessions. However, you may obtain a copy of the class recording when you alert us to your absence in ADVANCE of the session. If you fail to do this, the class will not be recorded. In such an instance, Australia Top Tuition accepts no liability. Regular cancellation policies apply to the course and should be followed if you change your mind. If you should change your mind after having started the course, you may request a partial refund. The refunded amount will not be representative of the number of remaining sessions in the plan, nor the value of the individual sessions.Before joining the course, you will need complete our Initial Test and have a private consultation with us. Failure to do this may result in your exclusion from the course. If the course fails to meet its capacity requirements of at least 2 people, Australia Top Tuition reserves the right to cancel the running course and you will be offered a full refund, or we can provide you with a store credit where you may then use your money to fund any private tutoring sessions, shop products or other services you may be interested in purchasing. Please note that once you have decided to opt for a store credit, you will be unable to receive this money back in the form a refund at any point. 

Shop Products:

No refunds or exchanges will be given once you have purchased and/or downloaded a digital product from our shop. You accept these terms and conditions upon purchasing. Our products are copyrighted and remain our sole academic property, and upon purchasing, you agree that you will not share or reproduce, in any shape or form, the contents of any of our products. If you are found to be doing so, this is considered stealing and legal action may be taken against you. 


Private consultations incur a $10 booking fee. This fee will be refunded back to you once you have attended your meeting with us. If you do not attend your meeting within the 5-minute window, as per our cancellation policy, your booking fee cannot be refunded. It is your responsibility to arrive at your appointment on time. Please arrive at the time you scheduled (you do not need to account for time differences, as this is automatically adjusted to suit the zones of both parties). You may choose to reschedule with us if you miss your appointment, in which case you will need to pay the booking fee again. Please note that you agree to these terms and conditions upon booking this service. 

Homework and Materials:

When you book a pricing plan, course, workshop or individual tutoring sessions with us, you agree to the terms and conditions stipulated here. You agree that while Australia Top Tuition may occasionally provide you with homework and materials to complete and practise outside of your paid sessions, this is not a guaranteed practice. Australia Top Tuition reserves the right to deny or provide homework. You are responsible for managing your own education and, as such, should continue to refine your study outside of sessions with us. Tutoring is supplementary and should be supported by your own efforts outside of class. 

Prior to attending your first session, you must have completed and sent through your Initial Test. Sessions cannot go ahead under any circumstances without this submission. If we haven't received your completed test by the day of your first session, we will reschedule.

Client-Tutor Relationship Agreement:

For the purposes of providing you with a clear understanding of these terms and conditions, we stipulate that the client-tutor relationship begins when you have booked your first session or consultation with us. You agree to the terms and conditions outlined here upon booking. 

A working relationship is established once you have booked a consultation, are awaiting Initial Test feedback, or have booked or commenced your first session with us. It is important for you to note that while Australia Top Tuition is committed to providing you with the highest-quality tutoring possible, a contract between us (the service provider) and yourself (the client, customer or consumer) does not exist. We will always do our best to honour our commitments to you, but upon entering into a working relationship with you, we are not obligated to:

 A) continue the relationship; 

B) guarantee a specific mark, grade or result;

C) communicate with you outside of our published service hours. 

When we have entered into a working relationship with you, the following conditions are expected to be fulfilled by both parties: 

A) reserving all communication for business hours;

B) communicating reasonably, respectfully and in a civilised manner at all times;

C) arriving to meetings, appointments or sessions promptly and at their scheduled times, unless otherwise altered.

Ending the Working Relationship

We reserve the right to cease and deny tutoring to you at any time. If we feel that you will no longer benefit from our services, or deem that the arrangement is no longer working for individual or both parties, we will terminate our working relationship with you. Although this rarely happens, and we take our commitment to you seriously, we must always prioritise the health, wellbeing and safety of our staff. No abusive, rude or antisocial behaviours will be tolerated, online or in-person. If you exhibit any of the direct behaviours outlined above, or behave in a way we deem disrespectful, we will take the appropriate actions in ending our relationship with you. Depending on your arrangements with us, you may receive full or partial refunds. We will always notify you at our earliest convenience when we are no longer able to work with you, but reserve the right to cancel, deny and end sessions at any time. We will also terminate our working relationship with you, or refuse you service at any time, if we believe that we are not the right fit for your needs. This may mean that we deny tutoring during a consultation, before the working relationship begins, or during our relationship together at any point. Likewise, you are able to cancel the working relationship at any time. Please note that cancellation and refund policies still apply here, and we will do our best to act fairly and ensure both parties are satisfied with the outcome.  

Rescheduling or Cancelling Sessions:

We respect your time and money, which is why we will always avoid cancelling or rescheduling your sessions. However, there may be unforeseen events which might clash with your appointment times. If it can be avoided, we will always honour our commitment to you and won't cancel your session. During the unlikely event that we need to cancel or reschedule a meeting with you, we will always call, email or message you with appropriate notice, alerting you to the change. At that time, we will also find a suitable alternative which suits both parties. In the event that a consensus or agreement cannot be reached, Australia Top Tuition will offer you a full refund. If you have undertaken a pricing plan with us, you will not be refunded the full amount of your plan. The amount of past sessions conducted will determine the refund payable to you if you decide to cancel your plan. Please refer to our pricing plan policy for more information on this. Please note that you are bound to our cancellation and refund policies when you book with us. 

General Disclaimer:

By booking a service with us or purchasing a shop product, you agree to all of the above terms and conditions. You also agree that our service does not guarantee any academic success; rather, we work to the best of our ability to help improve your academic standing. If you undertake any kind of tuition with us, regardless of the form (sessions or shop products), and do not pass an exam, assignment, test or other academic assessment, you will not be refunded for any assistance you may have acquired with Australia Top Tuition. We cannot guarantee a 'pass' or certain grade for any subject or exam, and you agree to these terms and conditions when booking and purchasing with us. We will not be held responsible for any result you may or may not achieve. Any content given to you by Australia Top Tuition is protected under a strict copyright and cannot be shared with any third party. Those found to be sharing or circulating products or any other content will be banned from obtaining any future services and may have legal action taken against them. 

Some of our terms and conditions may change in the future. If you have provided your email address with us, we will contact you to let you know what these changes are and when they will be implemented.