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2022 Young SA Woman Awards Nominee

About Us

Australia Top Tuition was born in 2020 from my home in Adelaide. I had been searching for more meaningful work and really wanted to make a difference in the lives of students.

The school came to life with three main ideas in mind: to help students achieve their goals, to help ease the concerns of parents, and to offer a succinct, clear and achievable curriculum personalised to each client's needs. 

My own passionate and intelligent teachers had sparked in me a desire to be a role model for students and to embody all things a teacher should be: warm, comforting, supportive and compassionate. Throughout university I studied an education degree, majoring in English and History but also dabbling in psychology, philosophy and research; valuing the perspective and self-growth that inevitably comes from studying such materials. 

At Australia Top Tuition, we heavily subscribe to Alfie Kohn's Theory of a student-lead curriculum and work to integrate this in all areas of our practice. While we are largely student-lead, we use our expert knowledge to guide lessons appropriately. We pride ourselves on knowing our students and how they learn, and find that taking the time to bond with students during initial consultations strengthens the relationship between both student and tutor; and therefore promotes a richer learning experience. 

Above all, we care about our students' emotional and academic needs, and seek to meet those in the best way possible.

Meet The Team


Ben Harrison

Website & IT Manager


My name is Ben and I studied a Bachelor of Computer Science at university specialising in website design and development. I have always had a fascination with technology. As a child I could always be found glued to a screen, whether that be playing video games or browsing the web on my mother's dated computer. My interest with web design started with that old computer - I was amazed at how much the Internet had to offer, even though it would take minutes for a single webpage to load at the time. It wasn't until I started my degree at university that I realised just how beautiful and complex the internet is. I have brought this mindset to my position here at Australia Top Tuition, where I oversee the design and functionality of our website and IT services, and ensure that everything runs smoothly for our clients. 


Elysha Taylor

Founder & Tutor

Young SA Woman Awards Nominee

My name is Elysha and I own Australia Top Tuition. I started our little business from my home in 2020, and the past two years have been a wild ride. I am pleased to report that in such a short amount of time, I have had the privilege of helping so many LANTITE and high school students pass their exams and achieve their goals. I never dreamed of owning my own business, but here we are! It has been a perfect fit and I love my students so much. When I'm not in my office working, you can find me hiking, cooking, reading or doing some creative writing! 

My first priority is always our students and how we can help them achieve their best. We not only strive to offer excellent tutoring and study resources, but often also act as counsellors, advisers and shoulders to cry on. We pride ourselves on our genuine care, and helping our clients make sound academic decisions that will fit their needs and, ultimately, enhance their lives.


Courtney Aird


Hi, I'm Courtney! I'm 23 years old and I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Teaching (Middle Education), before completing my Masters in Primary Education. From the age of six, I would play 'teacher' with my three-year-old brother. I have four younger siblings, with three of them at different years of primary schooling (6, 7 and 11 years old). Being the eldest sibling, I have experienced interacting with younger children, and I have assisted with homework and communicating with fellow students and teachers. When not at work, you can find me at the Adelaide Zoo, eating dumplings, watching Disney movies or visiting my family out of town. 

I treat every student as I would my family; they are never 'just a number' to me. I love my new position at Australia Top Tuition because it allows me to use my creativity and good attitude in a positive and meaningful way. 

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