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About Us

Australia Top Tuition was born in 2020 from my home in Adelaide. I had been searching for more meaningful work and really wanted to make a difference in the lives of students.

The school came to life with three main ideas in mind: to help pre-service teachers pass their Literacy LANTITE, provide them with practical skills and capabilities equipping them for teacher life, and supporting them through what can be a challenging and turbulent time.

It all started when my own passionate high school and university teachers had sparked in me a desire to be a role model for students and to embody all things a teacher should be: warm, comforting, supportive and compassionate. Throughout university I studied an education degree, majoring in English and History but also dabbling in politics, philosophy and research; valuing the perspective and self-growth that inevitably comes from studying these disciplines. My own LANTITE experience has also given me a unique perspective on ensuring my students are prepared at a proficient level for their test. While I didn't struggle with LANTITE myself, my clients' stories and struggles have taught me how important it is to value diversity in our education system, and ensure that nobody gets left behind.

At Australia Top Tuition, we heavily subscribe to the theory of a student-lead curriculum, and work to integrate this in all areas of our practice. While we are largely student-lead, we use our expert knowledge to guide lessons appropriately and create content that is both challenging and manageable. Knowing our students and how they learn is a priority for us: our students are never 'just a number', and we seek to develop relationships with them to provide a richer learning experience. Our belief that all students learn best when they are comforted and supported stems from a profound interest in mental health and wellbeing, and the students who do work with us fully understand that we are not only working with them in a teaching capacity, but also as counsellors, cheerleaders and friends. 

Above all, we care about our students' emotional and academic needs, and seek to meet these in the best way possible.

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