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Did you know that the first 5-10 years of your child's life are the most important?

We sure did - which is why we offer primary school tutoring from Reception to Year 6.

Our primary school tutors will work with your little one to ensure that their language skills, spatial awareness, critical & creative thinking and more are developed to their fullest potential. 

They're in good hands.

We're fully trained and equipped to work with and teach your little one, so that you don't have to. Drawing on our expert knowledge and practice, we provide a safe, nurturing and learning-intensive environment within the comfort of your home.

We expand on the concepts taught at school to maximise the quality of your child's learning and to avoid overwhelm. However, we are also a widely student-lead company, allowing your child the freedom to explore topics of interest to them and thus, promoting a richer learning experience.

We make learning fun.

Girls in Painting Class

How can you enrol your child?

1. Connect with us via email or through our social media accounts to book a private consultation with us. 

2. If you're based in Adelaide, we'll come to your home and get to know you and your son or daughter. If you're interstate, we'll meet with you online. Let us know what your child needs help with and what your ultimate goals are.

3. After an evaluation, we'll put a plan in place to help your son or daughter. Then, simply book your first session with us to get started! We'll always come prepared with a range of materials to facilitate your child's learning.

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