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Why should you create a study routine?

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another blog post by ATT. Today, we’re talking about study routines. Who has a study routine? Well, lots of us do, even if they’re not intentional or we’re not willing to admit to them (because they mostly consist of eating junk food while reading a chapter of history). But like it or not, routines are important, and studies show the effectiveness of routines on the brain. See, we humans, we like consistency, and predictability. Anything outside of that and we tend to get antsy. Plus, having your own routine means that after a while, you won’t have to think twice before delving into that pile of homework. So let’s jump in!


Whaaa...? How can this be? Well, as we mentioned before, having a routine means doing things automatically. Once you get home from school, you don’t have to think about what you’ll do, you just do it, effectively saving yourself time and energy, from not having to think. I don’t know about you, but I love not having to think about everything I might do later this afternoon. I just go through the motions of my routine and trust that I’ve set myself up for success in doing this. The important thing to avoid is “going through the MOTIONS”. You don’t want to start completing your homework without any critical thinking, or without your heart being in it. You just want to put yourself into the HABIT of being ABLE to do what you need to do daily. Make sense?


There is no better feeling than taking charge of your life and showing the world what you can do, right? Creating a study routine means that you, yourself, are choosing to put yourself into a successful position. You’re taking charge of your work and prioritising what needs to be done versus what can wait until tomorrow. You make smart decisions that reflect onto your school work. You’re being your own boss! When your parents, teachers, friends and family can see how you’ve taken charge of yourself, you’ll probably be given lots of praise and extra motivation to keep going. Now, I’m not saying that praise should be why you do this. But hey, it’s always nice to be commended, right? ;)


Yes, that’s right. It seems like an obvious one, but when you spend an allotted time every night focusing on one subject, it has a big impact. If you’re struggling in an area of your schoolwork, setting aside some time nightly will work tremendous wonders on your grades. Your teachers will be so impressed!


You would be surprised at how much your mental health is related to your study! At a time in modern technology, when depression, stress and anxiety are higher than ever, now is the perfect time to create a study routine. Having the peace of mind that you’ve completed your study for the day or evening ahead really does feel like a big accomplishment, so keep it up! As you learn to put procrastination behind you by following your study routine, your mind won’t have to subconsciously worry about that assignment that’s due tomorrow - because you’ll have already done it.

There are SO many valid reasons as to why you should create a positive, study-focused routine for after school. It improves mood, eradicates stress and overall is great for your mental health! This is definitely an essential tool to equip yourself with in high school, especially if you are considering going on to higher learning. Understanding how your brain works will put you at a major advantage when beginning university or tafe. Start your study routine today, but remember: don’t overdo it. Resting and rejuvenating is essential to learning. It’s all about the power of balance!

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