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How to Pass Your LANTITE in a Month

Straight up: this is going to be a loaded post, because there's nothing easy about deciding to prepare for your LANTITE in just a month. If it's your first attempt, maybe, but if it's your third or fourth, you need to buckle down. Today, I'm going to share all of the ways you can prepare for your exam in ONE MONTH.

Let's get down to business.

  1. It WILL be expensive.

If you're seeking help for your exam (which we highly recommend), then preparing adequately in a month is going to be an expensive venture. You'll need to pay for tutoring, practice materials, and at times, take time off work to study (remember, a month isn't a long time). Thankfully, our pricing plans take the stress off your study. You can book in all of your sessions now and pay later. And remember - once you've passed and become a teacher, you make all that bank back within mere weeks. Weeks!

2. It WILL be difficult.

This one goes without saying, but times are going to be tough, and you need to be in a good mental state to overcome those difficulties. You need to be able to look yourself in the eye and tell yourself that while this is tough in the short-term, you're doing this for yourself, your future students, your career and your future happiness. Sometimes the thought of dropping out or quitting is tempting, but when you see that 'standard achieved' result, nothing in the world feels better. Don't forget that when you enlist our help through tutoring, you'll have all of our very best advice and support to get you through this season of difficulty.

3. Read. EVERYDAY.

There is just no getting around it: if you want to do well, you need to read, and read often. Reading helps with all aspects of literacy: comprehension, spelling and punctuation. This small act goes a long way, so find a good book that exposes you to some new and difficult language, and devour it as quickly as you can. If reading a novel isn't your thing, look into reading a peer-reviewed journal article everyday (hint: check your university database to access these for free).

4. You need to track your progress.

If you're studying with us, you can ignore this part, because we're already doing it for you. But, if you're on your own, consider looking into our LANTITE Package. This package contains everything you need to pass, including units on all sections of the exam, mini tests, activities, checklists and action plans, a chapter on wellbeing and anxiety, and a final exam, too. It's much better to have all of your study in one place than spread over lots of small worksheets that don't actually reveal how you're going or where you should be.

5. After a month of gruelling work, you need to sit a practice exam.

Now, if you're a client with us, you'll already have access to this, but if you're not with us, consider purchasing a practice exam. It comes with answers at the back so you can mark it yourself, and shows you where you have gone wrong. We have quite a few practice exams, but you're only able to purchase the one below. Other exams are only available through tutoring sessions.

Put all of these steps together, make a schedule, and you've got a pretty good shot of having a successful month. If you're struggling, REACH OUT! It is so not worth rushing your final attempt only to fail, because this means you can't be a teacher. Don't sacrifice your career; get help today. I promise you, with a little commitment, you can and will pass this exam!

If you want to get started with us today, book a private consultation.

Good luck everyone!

- Elysha 💙


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