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How to Make (and actually stick to) your New Year Resolutions

Happy 2022! You might be thinking about how to make this 'your' year. Like many others, you're wondering what your resolutions are going to be, and how you're going to stick to them. You've never made it past January every other year, so what's going to be different about this one? Read below for tips on how to make 2022 your best one yet!

  1. Reflect on 2021. What was good about it? What went really well? What happened to you that was totally unexpected and awesome? Did anything surprise you? Did you learn something new about yourself? What didn't go so well? What was within your control?

  2. Use your answers to these prompts to decide what kind of change is important to you. It’s crucial to be reflective on your past before you can decide how you’d like to change or shape your future.

  3. Decide what your main focus is going to be, and stick to it. Too many resolutions lead to overwhelm and you won’t end up changing anything.

  4. Plan out how you will achieve or live up to your new focus. List off your steps in order, and plan for bad days. It’s a good idea to have an action plan in order for those bad days; something you can refer back to that will guide you through your rough patch.

  5. Don’t rely on motivation to keep you going - read my post about discipline here.

  6. Have a friend to keep you accountable.

  7. Give yourself a few months to make your new focus a habit. Once you’ve conquered one, you can start adding new resolutions!

  8. Resolutions don’t just have to happen at the end of every year - keep working on yourself everyday of the year.


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