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These are some of my personal favourites and most helpful additions to my life.

  1. EDEN

Eden is a habit tracker that simulates a growing garden. Each time you tick off a task relating to your habit, your garden in Eden will flourish. The aim: grow your garden as much as possible.

Eden is free to download with the option to go premium for multiple habit tracking tasks. This app is totally customisable to your needs and, if allowed, will send you notifications and reminders to complete your tasks for the day.

If a task is uncompleted, your garden will start to wither and die. Hence the incentive to keep your plants healthy and (most importantly) tick off your goals.


Flipd is an especially great app for students. When you first download the app and create an account, it asks you what you'd like to achieve; whether that's to become better at studying, fight procrastination or track your study time.

The app leaves you completely in control of your study blocks and timers while simultaneously sending you reminders and notifications prompting you to study.

You can set your own customisable study timers and schedule blocks, or choose from templates the app already has available.

This app would even be great for teachers needing to time-block tasks for their classrooms.


Smiling mind is a meditation app, promoting everyday mindfulness. The app offers a variety of programs and courses for kids, adults, teachers and students, so it can be used virtually by anyone. The user has the option to select a sleep meditation, sport meditation, study meditation, daily commute meditation and more. These options are customised and tailored to the needs of the user. So if you're a teacher, you'll see meditation options for primary school kids, secondary school kids, etc.

Other great apps I highly endorse for mindfulness are 'Calm' and 'Glorify'!


Lifesum is an app curated for personal health, food and fitness. While I don't like to endorse these kinds of apps too often, as they can sometimes do more harm than good, Lifesum has a focus on 'body happiness' (living and eating in a way right for you). Lifesum allows you to find recipes suited to your diet, track your calories/kilojoules, set moving goals, tracks water intake, and more. This app is suited to those looking to manage their physical health.

Another great option to help you achieve your fitness and food goals is the 'MyFitnessPal' app!


I must admit, while I haven't personally used Audible before, many of my clients have. They have had nothing but good things to say about it, so I thought it deserved a place on this list.

Audible allows you to stream spoken-word content such as books and podcasts. Now that I have had a chance to use this app for myself, I can definitely see how it would be convenient for the general population. But more than that, I think this app would be a great option for ESL students who need assistance in developing their English, and even LANTITE students wanting to establish a reading habit. Personally, I'd recommend using Audible while following along with your own book.


If you are an Apple user, iBooks is a must! An app holding your collection of e-books, it is both convenient and a helpful learning resource.

iBooks is an app I always recommend to my Apple-using clients, because you can often find versions of physical books online for much cheaper. And bonus: you can use iBooks in conjunction with Audible, gifting yourself an immersive reading experience.

Audible and iBooks is an absolute must for all LANTITE students lacking sufficient skills in spelling, vocabulary, syntax, punctuation and even pronunciation.


So this one is a twofer. Apple Fitness and Apple Health are great apps to utilise, and they usually come pre-downloaded onto your device.

The names pretty much explain all there is to say, but here are some benefits of using these apps:

  • Menstrual tracking and insights (with symptom logging available)

  • Workout, distance and calorie burn tracking (also calculates and records your walking/running routes)

  • Sleep cycle tracking with insights

  • Medication management

And much more!


I love Pigment because it is made with adults in mind. Pigment might be considered an art app by some, but for me personally, it fits into the mindfulness category.

Pigment does require a subscription to use after your free trial, but contains thousands of colouring-in templates from all kinds of different categories.

When I'm feeling anxious or a little blue, I find that doing something creative is good because it gets my mind focusing on something else.

Pigment has been amazing to use, and pairs wonderfully with the Apple pencil (it feels like real pencils and paper!). You can also download and save all of your designs, so they're never lost.

There you have it! 8 apps to maximise your 2023 goals!

I'll be back with more productivity content very soon.

Happy New Year all!

- Elysha


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