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With a client pass rate of 90% 


is delighted to present premium LANTITE Literacy tutoring to pre-service educators of all backgrounds. We work alongside you to determine knowledge gaps and upskill your capabilities.


We offer a personal, supportive and collaborative tutoring experience, providing you with both academic and emotional tools to assist you in your teaching career. 

LANTITE Specialists

With over 90% of clients passing their exams under our tutelage, our unique strategies enable and empower you to sit your exam with confidence.

ESL/LBOTE Friendly

If English is not your first language, you are welcome here! We specialise in tutoring non-native English speakers.

Holistic Approach

As educators and scholars, we believe in a contemporary approach to education where learning occurs in concert with emotional support.

How it Works

Private Consultation

Get to know your tutor in a brief 15-minute consultation. We are based fully online, so you'll meet with your tutor in our Zoom meeting room. 

Initial Test

After your consult, you'll complete our Initial Test so that we're better able to gauge your abilities and create a personalised program just for you.


That's it! Once you've received some test feedback, you can book in your classes, either individually or as part of a plan.


of our clients will pass their LANTITE exams. Each student is provided their own personalised tuition program based on a set of continuous evaluations, so this process varies between individuals. Benefits and extras part of plans also vary. However, you can be sure that our professional services satisfy the following criteria:

  • Knowledgeable and understanding tutors;

  • Staff equipped with firsthand LANTITE experience;

  • Collaborative and inclusive sessions;

  • Easy online navigation and access to private student portals;

  • Sessions tailored to learning content or completing mock exams;

  • Homework and written feedback provided after each class;

  • ESL/LBOTE adaptable.


of students will unfortunately not achieve a passing result. This is usually because a range of circumstances affect the student's ability to complete the exam to the standard required. We consider it our professional and civic responsibility to help you identify these and find alternative solutions where possible. Some factors that may cause or contribute to a failing test result are:

  • Irregular tuition;

  • Rushing attempts;

  • Uncompleted homework;

  • Lack of follow-up study at home;

  • Severe language barriers (mainly applies to some ESL students);

  • Unable or unwilling to take tutor's advice;

  • Studying materials inequivalent to LANTITE standards;

  • Exam or performance anxiety.

With commitment, determination, and a willingness to follow the advice of your tutor, a passing result is possible!


We have...

  • BA Arts and teaching credentials, specialising in English; 

  • Firsthand personal experience with LANTITE;

  • Certification as Apple-recognised teachers;

  • Completed character, resilience and wellbeing education and professional experience programs;

  • Achieved recognition by the Golden Key International Honour Society as scholars within the top 15% of industry excellence and professionalism;

  • Made a community name for ourselves with our SA Woman Award Nomination;

  • Completed all relevant DCSI/WWCC checks;

  • Responding to abuse and neglect certification (Masterclass level);

  • A compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable team of staff leading our small Aussie business into one of Australia's top-ranking LANTITE Literacy tuition specialist companies.

Some kind words...

"Besides Elysha helping me to pass LANTITE, she also influenced me as a person. I have learned a great deal from her. Her diligence, resilience and kindness are the best assets for a teacher. She insisted I establish a reading habit. For that, I am forever grateful.

Elysha, I don’t think I can thank you enough for all you did for me. Many times I wanted to give up but you never gave up on me. I will miss our Monday study times. You are such a fun girl; smart, kind and the best teacher.

English is my second language. I failed Lantite Literacy three times… but no more! If I can do it, so can you. Give yourself another chance. Talk to Elysha – it was the very best decision."


"This is truly an amazing tutoring program. Elysha helped me prepare for my Literacy LANTITE and really helped me become more confident in being able to sit the test. She was very supportive and gave amazing advice on how to become better with all aspects of literacy. Elysha made sure that my tutoring session were focused on aspects of my literacy that needed strengthening and because of this, it made the tutoring sessions useful and helpful. She was also very lovely and made me feel comfortable. I was not embarrassed or scared to say "I don't know".

I learnt a lot. Thank you heaps Elysha! :)"


"Thank you so much to Elysha for helping the last few months. I was absolutely clueless on how to study and prepare for Literacy LANTITE but we were able to start from the basics. She helped me overcome my fears and anxiety by not giving up and always makes sure you understand it. She tries different methods to help you understand and is always consistent with sending homework, marking homework and providing feedback. Not once did I consider changing tutors and I am so grateful to have started with you a few months before sitting. Highly highly recommend always starting as early as possible!" 


Excel from the comfort of home

Engage in premium learning: anywhere, anytime, any budget

Expert materials crafted and tailored to your specific needs, available as part of a tutoring program or for asynchronous learning.

English Second Language friendly institution equipped with nuanced visual and verbal aids for successful learning.

Progress is measured through our accurate and complex grading system, determining your growth, and outlining observations and suggestions for improvement.

Complete your own personalised tutoring program through one of our plans. To view plan details and extras, check out our range.

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